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Who are we?

Shields Concepts specializes in retail programs for our clients’ products and services. Our extensive client base speaks for itself while we also represent the leader in Satellite Television Services. With the unveiling of our new marketing program, we have developed a major presence in some of largest chain retailers in the nation. Our office started off in Kenosha Wisconsin but due to the growth of our clients, we have moved to the new office in Milwaukee Wisconsin. During our time in Kenosha, our team has increased public awareness with both products and services of our clients while also increasing revenue week over week. We have been announced consumer electronics partner of the year with our clients back to back years!


Shields Concepts was created to acquire and retain customers in a more personalized approach for various types of companies and businesses. Today, we lead the nation in outsourced marketing as well as in innovative marketing campaigns. While other forms of marketing work well, our team focuses on building the one one one personal relationship in which we listen to the consumer needs. This way, we bring the best in class consumer right to the hands of our clients while also bringing them someone who will stay for a long term.


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Our clients have specific areas of expertise ranging from home improvement to the biggest names in satellite television services. Our focus and goal for every client is to supply them with superior service and a quality sales team to enhance their product and services. With representatives nationwide, our one-on-one approach allows us to provide the highest quality sales and marketing services to our clients and their customers alike.

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Continued growth in Clients and Locations

We are excited to announce that in the end of July 2015, our company has joined up with one of the biggest names in the television, internet and phone industry.  Shields Concepts decided to add them to our portfolio and we’ve taken these client’s brand management and sales to a new level.  Our top team leads and sales representative partnered with the top trainers that work with the client are helping us focus it into creating an attractive marketing campaign. 

We are excited to announce in November, we have expanded in two more retail chain locations. These two brand new locations are exciting for the growth of our clients. In terms of revenue, we expect to increase by double for our clients and we’re excited for any future clients that need our services!  As we expand our client portfolio, we will be expanding our team and our retail store partners!  Please visit the “Careers” section if you are interested in our opportunities.

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